10 Keys to help you get 10 A+

1.  Be a proactive student
•    observe mindfully what successful role models do
•    have great vision and ambition
•    must have short term and long term goals
•    believe in yourself, you are born uniquely in this universe because of a unique mission
•    take pride and joy in what you have achieved

2.  Develop healthy study habits
•    have a time table for study, and observe it with discipline
•    mix with friends with high gear to study, avoid non hard working groups as times spend with them is too luxury
•    conducive and quiet study environment is a must
•    study the most mind draining subject when your brain power is at peak, example : physics and add maths concept right after morning wake up

3.  Have a study master plan and target
•    set clear short term and long term goals and their respective deadlines
•    have short term and long term targets and be realistic
•    never ever give up
•    have an ambition or vow, for it provides inexhaustible fuel for you to move forward

4.  Apply effective study skills
•    use mind map to get overall picture
•    recite and rehearse main points you must memorize until ‘forget-proved’
•    asking question, curiosity and the urge to know decides how abundance is your knowledge
•    understand is the prime thing in study, only by understanding that you really grow
•    force yourself to memorize things you don’t understand is the last thing to do

5.  Managing stress
•    set achievable and realistic goals
•    identify source of stress, talk to elders
•    share your feelings casually to ventilate your emotion and thus a wider space for your soul
•    apply relaxation techniques (eg yoga, tai qi, meditation)
•    take 3 deep breaths in whatever tense situation

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