10 Keys to help you get 10 A+

6.  Maintain peak physical health
•    have a balanced diet, clean fruits is a must
•    exercise regularly, if not everyday
•    always eat at home, whatever mother prepares, is the best
•    avoid hand phone and other modern day pollution (all wireless gadgets) a week before examination to maintain peak brain power

7.  Learn to say no
•    use your time wisely, because once gone, its’ gone and you already know that but not always practice that
•    must be able to distinguish between what’s important and what’s not
•    a clear and decisive action for anything that needs to consume your time
•    everyday chores is not inside the syllabus, so only minimum time spent on that

8.  Tape the wisdom from the elders
•    tape your teachers’, parents’ and elders’ experience and wisdom, listen tentatively to them
•    always take initiative to ask, never procrastinate on your doubt

9.  Listen to parents’ and teachers’ encouragement
•    be motivated by parents, they want you to have the best for your own self
•    be inspired by their love and support
•    be touched by their warm heart

10.  In examination days and inside the examination hall
•    be very careful of what you eat, for they are the main source of problems
•    read and scan the questions very carefully
•    enough sleep is a must, burning mid night oil is the last thing you want to do
•    be mindful about the environment and your personal security
•    arrive early, have a relax and calm mind before entering the hall
•    and lastly, accept whatever the results, I already try my best, human endeavors, mother nature decides.

… in case you missed Part I